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Absences from a Program

Failure to Register
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Students who do not enrol in courses for the term in which they would normally be expected to return and who do not submit an Undergraduate Notice of Withdrawal form or otherwise obtain the permission of the department, prior to the Final Registration date as defined in the Fees section of the Calendar, will be deemed to have withdrawn from the program Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), or Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE). Permission to return to classes is considered according to the following rules:

  1. If the absence has not exceeded one year and the student has an acceptable standing (Promoted: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory), then that student is permitted to return to study at a time appropriate to their program. If students have a negative decision (such as Required to Repeat), then the date of return is subject to the constraints associated with that standing.
  2. If the absence exceeds one year, students will be required to apply for readmission in order to be considered for continuation in their program of study. See the Request to Complete Degree Requirements Following an Absence section of this Calendar.


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