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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Examinations and Promotions

Academic Decisions
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The possible academic decisions and their effect on the student's progress in the program are as follows:

  1. Promoted - proceed to next term. (Normally coded as: EXCL, GOOD, SAT or Promoted, on transcripts).
  2. May Continue in 1A, see advisor. Student in a reduced-load term permitted to enrol in one more reduced-load term to complete 1A requirements. (Normally coded as May Continue in 1A, on transcripts).
  3. May Continue in 1A no previous failed terms, see advisor. This decision is similar to the May Continue in 1A decision above, however, is used in the case of students with a reduced load in their first 1A term in Engineering (and thus the student has zero previous failed terms). (Coded as May Continue in 1A No Failed Terms, on transcripts).
  4. (Conditional) - added to academic decision one or three to indicate that the student has adequate understanding of the term material to permit continuation, however the failed course(s) must be cleared before graduation. (Coded as [Conditional] on transcripts).
  5. Academic Decision Deferred - student may not proceed until specified conditions are satisfied. (Coded as Decision Deferred on transcripts).
  6. Required to Repeat Term - a failed term academic decision requiring that the student repeat the most recent term. The student must stay out a minimum of two terms except for 1A before repeating. (Coded as Failed - Required to Repeat Term on transcripts).
  7. May Not Proceed - the student may not proceed to the next degree term or take required courses from that term until the academic decision has been changed to Promoted or to Promoted (Conditional). (Coded as May Not Proceed on transcripts).
  8. May Not Proceed COOP - the student has three (or more) missing (or failed) work-term credits and may not proceed to the next term or take required courses from that term until the decision has been changed to Promoted or to Promoted (Conditional).
  9. Required to Withdraw from Engineering - the student's registration in their program (Bachelor of Applied Science-BASc or Bachelor of Software Engineering-BSE) is revoked. Readmission is not possible for four academic terms following the term for which the decision applies. (Coded as Failed - Withdrawal Required, on transcripts).
  10. Required to Withdraw after 1A Engineering - the student's registration in their program - Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) or Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) - is revoked. Application for readmission may be considered for a qualifying readmission program immediately, however the term of entry may vary depending on circumstance. (Coded as Failed - Withdraw from 1A, on transcripts). 
  11. (Aegrotat) - added to academic decision one, two or, three; the term result is successful. The student has adequate understanding of the material, but because of illness or other extenuating circumstances, normal evaluation for at least one course was not possible. (Coded as [Aegrotat] on transcripts).
  12. Proceed on Probation - a decision used in exceptional circumstances that allows the student to proceed to the next term. Continued progress in the program is contingent on satisfying conditions which may be prescribed as the terms of probation. (Coded as Probation on transcripts).

At the end of each term, the examining faculty members submit grades for that term's courses. Each department or board then reviews the performance of its students and makes recommendations to the Engineering Examinations and Promotions Committee. The Engineering Examinations and Promotions Committee then considers the evidence on which the recommendations have been made and assigns the official academic decision. An appeal or petition relating to an assigned academic decision, grade, or other evaluation, or relating to other decisions based on University policies, may be made by following the procedures outlined in Petitions, Grievances and Appeals of this section of this Calendar. All academic decisions and grades are reported to the student through the Registrar's Office. All recommendations to award degrees must be approved by the University Senate.


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