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To recognize outstanding academic achievement each term, the designation "Dean's Honours List" will be awarded to exceptional undergraduate Engineering students in each program (e.g., Mechanical Engineering, etc.). To achieve this standing for a particular term, students must meet the following criteria for the term in question:

  1. They must be unconditionally promoted at the end of that term (Standings and Official Grades are available on Quest as specified in the Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines).
  2. They must have term decisions of Excellent and have received no penalties under Policy 71 during the term.
  3. Their term averages minus their percentile ranks from the tops of their classes for that academic term must be greater than or equal to 80.
  4. They must be in cohorts with ten or more students.
  5. Their course loads must exceed 2.0 academic units.

This designation will be reflected on students' university transcripts. Students not in the top 10% of their classes are normally not eligible.

Students with outstanding records throughout their undergraduate careers in Engineering will "Graduate on the Dean's Honours List" if they have been on the "Dean's Honours List" for at least two of the six academic terms preceding graduation, and have cumulative averages over the final six academic terms of their program (e.g., Computer Engineering, etc.) of at least 80%. An appropriate notation will appear on students' official university transcripts.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) degree program may also qualify for the "Dean's Honours List" using rules specified by the Dean of Mathematics. The process is described in detail in the Software Engineering section of the Calendar. 

An Alumni Gold medal is awarded annually to recognize the academic excellence of the top undergraduate in Engineering.


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