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Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Work Terms

Academic Content and Evaluation
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The academic content and evaluation described below applies to students in the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) or Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) program.

In the Faculty of Engineering, the experience gained during the work term is a central component of the Engineering program (BASc and BSE). Associated with each work term are two components related to the degree. The type and quality of the work performed by the student (captured in courses labelled as COOP 1 to COOP 6) is evaluated and a grade (credit or no credit) is assigned by Co-operative Education using criteria specified by the Faculty. A sixth work term, although not required as part of the degree requirements, is available to students willing to meet the requirements.

Professional Development - Engineering

In addition to the work-related courses described in the previous section, there are five professional development courses required for the BASc and BSE degrees. These courses are normally taken during work terms and students are expected to enrol in one such course each work term until the requirement has been completed. The professional development program is composed of two core courses (PD 20 and PD 21 - Professional Development courses) that are to be taken during the first two work terms. Beginning in the third work term, students choose three elective courses from the PD elective course suite to be completed one per work term. These professional development courses are considered to be required courses of type DRNA (Degree requirement, not in average): failed courses contribute to the accumulated failed count (see Rule 6). In the event that a student has taken a PD course in each work term, and the number of remaining work terms is less than the number of remaining required PD credits, the student may request permission to enrol in a PD course on an academic term. Students should contact their advisors to determine if they qualify for this alternative.

Students are automatically enrolled in the two core PD courses (PD 20 and PD 21). Students must, however, enrol in the elective PD courses using the normal Quest enrolment process. Questions and special requests related to enrolment are to be directed to the appropriate program advisor.


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