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Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Software Engineering Specific Degree Requirements

Options, Specializations and Electives for Engineering Students
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  1. The Engineering undergraduate programs, Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) and Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) consist of two course groupings:
    • Compulsory core courses within the program which prepares the student for practice in that particular branch of engineering and comprises 70% to 80% of the course load.
    • Elective courses which comprise 20% to 30% of the course load. Of these elective courses a minimum of five must be chosen from subjects that complement the engineering curriculum. This Complementary Studies requirement gives students some breadth of studies related to their role as educated professionals in society. (See Complementary Studies Requirement section for more information. See each program section of this Calendar for the specific number of complementary courses for each program.)

      In the elective courses, students with special interests may, with the approval of their department Associate Chair (or program advisor) structure individual groupings. However, for reasons of academic continuity and scheduling, particular course groupings have been identified and are recommended to students. Some of these course groupings are pre-scheduled to ensure that courses in the group will not conflict with core courses. 
  2. The remaining elective courses are usually chosen from engineering department courses which will give some depth in a particular technical discipline appropriate to a student's branch of engineering. (See Engineering program descriptions later in this section of this Calendar for listings of suggested elective course groupings of this type.)
  3. The Faculty of Engineering recognizes both designated options and designated specializations within the BASc and BSE degrees. For students that meet a designated option or a designated specialization requirement the credential is recognized on both the diploma and the transcript. Options are intended to recognize a field of study outside of the basic degree while specializations are intended to recognize success in a concentration within the electives available within the degree specification.
  4. For a designation (option or specialization) to appear on the transcript, a student must achieve an average of at least 60% in the option or specialization courses and at least 50% in each course.
  5. Any given course can only be counted for two credentials. For example; the basic degree and one option, or the basic degree and one specialization, or one option and one specialization).
  6. Designated Options. Certain elective course groupings have been recognized by the Faculty of Engineering or the University as Designated Options. Students who complete the requirements of these options will have a designation of completion of the option recorded on their transcripts. Detailed descriptions of these current options are provided in BASc and BSE Specific Degree Requirements of this section of this Calendar. The available options are listed below. Associated with each option is an option co-ordinator who can provide advice and assist in the organization and selection of courses for the option. The option co-ordinators are listed on the designated options and co-ordinators web page.


    Computer Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    International Studies in Engineering
    Life Sciences
    Management Sciences
    Physical Sciences
    Software Engineering
    Water Resources
    Students are encouraged to use a plan modification form to declare a specialization or option. Students are required to declare an option or specialization for it to be recognized as part of their degree and to appear on the diploma.
  7. Because Designated Options can require up to eight courses, it may be necessary for students to take extra courses to complete the required work in some options. To carry extra courses, a student's academic standing must be such that the extra load will not lead to a high risk of failure, and permission of the department Associate Chair must be obtained. For a designation to appear on the transcript a student must achieve an average of 60% in the option courses and a grade of 50% in each of the courses in the option. Details follow later in this section. BSE students should refer to the section on Software Engineering, for options that are open to them.
  8. Designated specializations are described within the specific program description in this Calendar.
  9. Although Engineering does not offer minors to students enrolled in Engineering, many departments of other University Faculties do. A minor normally requires a minimum of eight or ten courses chosen from lists prepared by the department offering the minor. Engineering students who choose a minor must take extra courses. Often courses in a minor can also be used to satisfy some of the requirements of the technical elective or complementary studies course groups.
  10. It is possible for a graduate with a BASc degree in Engineering to complete the requirements for a concurrent BA degree. This process will require a significant number of extra courses as well as agreement by both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Engineering. Interested students should start by consulting with their undergraduate advisor.


  1. Options, Specializations, and Electives available to Engineering students are subject to change and development. Students are advised to obtain the latest information from their department Undergraduate Office or the Faculty of Engineering Associate Dean's Office before making final decisions.
  2. For course content, see course descriptions under the prefix of department, board or Faculty offering the course e.g., CIVE – Civil Engineering, PHIL – Philosophy, GENE – General Engineering, etc.


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