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Work Reports
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The work report is intended to illustrate the understanding and experience that co-op students have acquired during employment and to record and assess their educational and work experience, tracked against two sets of criteria, the Student Performance Criteria established by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board and the Canadian Experience Record used by the Provincial licensing bodies. To graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) degree, a student must successfully complete three acceptable work reports as per the table showing the requirements for the Degree of Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies. If students do not secure work-term employment, they may still submit a work report for credit. The faculty must first approve the topic. The work report will be evaluated as a professional document. Each work report will be specific to the level of the work term. All work reports will be evaluated in the Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecture.

For more information on Work Report Requirements see Co-operative Education: Student Guidelines for Work Reports (pdf).

Additional information on the School of Architecture Work Report Requirements is available from the School's Undergraduate Student Services Co-ordinator and specific requirements may be downloaded.


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