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School of Architecture: Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies

Regulations, Examinations and Promotions

Passing Requirements
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*A term of study refers to a particular four-month period of enrolment including the 1A fall and 1B winter terms and all "A" and "B" terms.

**A minimum passing grade in any course is 50.

In order to proceed unconditionally from one term* to the next in the Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), the student must satisfy each of the following requirements:

  1. Students will be required to maintain a minimum cumulative overall average of 70% (calculated at the end of each term). Students successfully completing all requirements of the fourth year and obtaining a cumulative average of 75% will be considered for admission to the MArch.
  2. Pass** the studio course.
  3. Not fail ** more than .5 units or equivalent (excluding studio) in any single term.

The School reserves the right to recommend exceptional academic decisions for students who require exceptional consideration, the Examinations and Promotions Committee will be guided by the following:

  • Students who satisfy at least two of the above passing requirements, 1, 2 and 3, in a given term may be permitted to continue conditionally in the Academic Program as outlined in Notes one to five in Academic Decisions.
  • Promotions decisions for students who satisfy only one of the passing requirements in any given term will be made on an individual basis by the Examinations and Promotions Committee.
  • Students who satisfy one or none of the above requirements in a given term will normally receive the decision "Required to Withdraw."
  • No supplemental examinations are given by the School of Architecture.
  • If a student receives a "Required to Withdraw" or a "May Not Proceed" decision, they must withdraw from the Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies Program for two academic terms.
  • Generally, students wishing to graduate with a University of Waterloo Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies undergraduate degree must spend a minimum of two years, including their final year, in residence (full-time on campus). In this case the 4A Rome term qualifies as the program is offered within the University of Waterloo. This does not preclude special studies approved in advance. Architecture students who choose to undertake alternate studies to the Waterloo 4B term may not graduate with a BAS degree because of the residence requirements.


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