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School of Architecture: Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies

Co-operative System of Study
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The Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Architecture Academic Program includes eight terms of study, six four-month Co-operative work terms (of which five are required to graduate) and one "off-term." The work terms must be pre-approved by Co-operative Education.


The "off-term" in the Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies Academic Program follows the first two terms of study (from September to April) in Year One. Students may use the "off-term" as a vacation period or they may seek temporary employment. Any employment arrangements made for the "off-term" are the student's own responsibility. If architecture related employment is obtained during the "off-term" following 1B, it will not be considered as a replacement for any subsequent Work Term requirement.

The terms are arranged as indicated in "Work/Study Sequence for Architecture."

Students wishing to take time off from school must complete a Work/Study Sequence change form. Students going on an exchange opportunity must also complete a Work/Study Sequence change form.

Professional Development - Architecture

This section is new and applies to students enrolling in Architecture in Fall 2013 and beyond. Students entering engineering prior to Fall 2013 are directed to earlier calendars or to their program advisor for the requirements in this area.

There are a total of five Professional Development (PD) courses, four PD for Architecture students courses (PDARCH), and one PD course required for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) degree. These courses are normally taken during work terms and students are expected to enrol in one such course each off or work term until the requirement has been completed.

In the event that a student has taken a PDARCH course in each work term, but has failed the most recent PDARCH course, the student may request permission to repeat in a subsequent academic term, the PDARCH course that was failed. Students should contact their advisors to determine if they qualify for this alternative. Failed PDARCH/PD courses contribute towards the accumulated fail count.

It is recommended that the PDARCH courses be taken in the sequence as set out in the Program Chart. In the instance of the fifth Professional Development course, students are permitted to enrol in one of the following WatPD elective courses that deal with issues directly relevant to the architectural workplace: Teamwork (PD 4), Project Management (PD 5), or Conflict Resolution (PD 7).

Professional Development courses are online offerings. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have adequate internet access during work terms to complete course requirements.


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