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Student Exchange Programs
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The University of Waterloo offers students opportunities for academic and personal growth in different cultural environments through numerous student exchange programs in over 25 countries. These programs permit students to live and study at participating universities for one or two terms and have their academic credits count toward their University of Waterloo degree.

University of Waterloo students who wish to be considered for a Waterloo-approved exchange program are normally required to be enrolled in full-time studies, have at least second-year standing, and be in good academic standing. Approval of both the academic advisor and appropriate exchange program co-ordinator is required.

Under the terms of most student exchanges, Waterloo students pay tuition fees to the University of Waterloo, exempting students from fees at the host institution. Some exchange programs are faculty or department specific, while others are open to students in all faculties. Students who qualify for financial assistance while studying in Canada will normally maintain eligibility while studying abroad. Application deadlines vary from program to program.

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