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Speech Communication - Overview
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The central aim of the Speech Communication program is to explore the significance of making meaning. In concert with disciplinary approaches to communication studies, the program understands communication as a constitutive process through which individuals and institutions negotiate power in ways that have significance for all of social life. Meaning making occurs in a variety of settings, including interpersonal, organizational, and public; through a range of channels and forums (textual, visual, digital, etc.); and in relation to both micro-level and macro-level interactions (such as within the family and workplace; in regard to large structures; and through social norms).

Students in Speech Communication study the dynamics of making meaning in four areas of concentration: Intercultural Communication, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Performance Studies, and Public and Digital Communication. Coursework within each of the plans emphasizes theoretically-informed practice and experiential learning. Students will have the opportunity to strengthen abilities in leadership, teamwork, critical and ethical thinking, public expression, conflict management, cross-cultural communication, workplace communication, and relationship building.


As class size is limited, early enrolment is advised for all Speech Communication courses.


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