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Religious Studies

Religious Studies - Overview
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Religious Studies provides an academic approach to the study of world religions. You will examine religious doctrines, ethics, and rituals from their historical origins in Asia, the Middle East, and the West to their contemporary presence in Canada. In this study, you will have the guidance of scholars trained in a variety of theoretical approaches to religion: sociological, philological, historical, and theological, among them. The knowledge you gain will enhance your understanding of art, literature, and the complexities of a multicultural society. You will consider the issues, questions, and ideas that arise in the study of religion and religious communities. Courses offered include world religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese religions, religion in North America; the history of Christianity, Biblical studies, theology, ethics; sociology, women and religion, and religion and the arts.

Religious Studies Areas

The course offerings of the Religious Studies Department at the University of Waterloo fall into three general areas: (1) Religions of the World, (2) The Christian Traditions, and (3) Religion, Culture, and Society. Each of these areas has three additional concentrations, which are of primary relevance to students who wish to choose a specialization.

  1. Religions of the World
    A. Religions of the East
    B. Religions of the West
    C. Global Religion

  2. The Christian Traditions
    A. Biblical Studies
    B. History of Christianity
    C. Christian Thought and Practice

  3. Religion, Culture, and Society
    A. The Study of Religion
    B. Religion and Culture
    C. Religion and Social Life
Courses in Religious Studies have been assigned an area and a concentration, which are indicated below the course description.


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