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Peace and Conflict Studies - Overview
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Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) students learn that they can engage conflict creatively and use it as an impetus for positive and just social change. PACS explores why conflict and violence occur. It studies how conflict can be managed, utilized, and transformed by collaborative decision-making to accomplish constructive ends. It looks into how peace is maintained and involves the whole of life - not just the absence of conflict. The PACS program seeks to facilitate real-life, hands-on "in the field" learning through internship placements as well as through practical components in each course. Graduates from the program go on to become leaders in their community and in many professions including human resource management, teaching, international development, and law.

PACS is an interdisciplinary program that requires a combination of PACS courses and Peace and Conflict Studies approved courses from other disciplines and programs at the University of Waterloo.

An overview of course offerings can be found in the PACS course descriptions of this calendar and the Peace and Conflict Studies approved course list on the PACS program's website.


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