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Waterloo Arts

Waterloo Arts is committed to education and scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, languages and cultures, and the fine and performing arts for the benefit of the people of Ontario, of Canada, and of the world beyond our borders. The education students receive in the Faculty of Arts, including its affiliated and federated institutions of Waterloo, offers them the tools and skills they need to succeed in today's diverse and changing world, while empowering them intellectually with the rich tradition of ideas and techniques of understanding that shape cultures and civilizations. The Faculty is a community dedicated to producing research of high academic merit and impact. The driving force behind all our work is a deep commitment to curiosity, creativity, and the desire to understand - and engage - the world.

The Faculty of Arts is governed by the policies, rules, and regulations set out in the other sections of this calendar, including:

Arts Opportunities for Non-Arts Students

Arts offers many opportunities to students enrolled in other faculties of the University for Arts-based plans:

Further Information

Additional information may also be found on the Faculty of Arts website, or each affiliated and federated institution of Waterloo's website:


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