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Academic Standing and Averages

Non-Degree Students
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To be in satisfactory standing, a non-degree student must maintain a minimum cumulative overall average of 60% and a minimum cumulative Faculty of Arts average of 65%.

Even while otherwise in satisfactory standing, a student who fails two or more academic course units within the first five academic course units or fewer may be required to withdraw if the Arts Examinations and Standings Committee considers that the student will not profit by further study.

Non-degree students may take no more than ten academic course units at the University of Waterloo without permission of the Arts Examinations and Standings Committee.

In the following instances, a student can be registered as a non-degree student yet receive no academic standing decision:

  1. Students from other universities studying on a Letter of Permission basis; 
  2. Students from other universities studying on an approved International Exchange; 
  3. Students who elect to proceed with studies despite having been assigned a Failed - Required to Withdraw standing decision in the previous term.

Non-Degree Conditional

To be considered for admission to degree studies, students admitted on a non-degree conditional basis must:

  • successfully complete a minimum of four Arts courses, and
  • achieve an average of 65% or above in all Arts courses taken with no failures. 


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