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Music - Overview
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The Music Department at Waterloo balances the traditional musical disciplines of performance, history, and theory with courses that offer greater breadth such as popular music, world music, music and technology, psychology of music, and music in worship. The Music and Culture travel course provides opportunities to visit London, UK, and other places of interest. Creative program options allow students to combine music with many other plans and the Music Department offers an interdisciplinary minor in Church Music and Worship.

Most music courses are open to students from all faculties on campus. Students intending to major in music will normally be admitted at the beginning of second year, based on overall academic performance in first year, which should include several music courses. It is normally a good idea to include Music studio courses in first year. However, acceptance into studio courses does not itself constitute admission to a Music academic plan.

Many students continue on from the University of Waterloo into teaching careers, both in the school system and privately; others go into music-related business ventures such as music sales, recording or publishing, continue on with studies in specialized areas such as music therapy for example, or enter graduate studies in music pursuing advanced degrees in academic or performance areas. Typically, an Honours undergraduate degree will be required for further music studies in education or at the graduate level.

For further information, please visit the Music website.


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