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English Language and Literature - Overview
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The English Department at the University of Waterloo is unique in Canada for its innovative embrace of both the literary tradition and the latest forms of communication. By following a degree plan in the Department of English, you may choose to study literature; or rhetoric, media, and professional communication; or a combination of both. In all degree plans, you will develop your analytical and critical capacities, become more sensitive to language use, and hone your writing skills. An English degree prepares you for careers that value analytical, critical, and creative thinkers, whether in business, industry, government, teaching, or communications. It may also prepare you for further study in fields such as teaching, law, or graduate education.

As an Honours English student, you have the choice of three majors:

  • Honours English - Literature gives you insight into our world, our culture, and our human identity through an analysis of historical and contemporary literature (British, American, Canadian, and Postcolonial) and theory.
  • Honours English - Rhetoric, Media, and Professional Communication provides intellectual challenge and practical insight into rhetoric, professional writing and communication design, and digital media.
  • Honours English - Literature and Rhetoric is an innovative combination of these two areas.

You can pursue any of these degrees in a single or a double Honours academic plan and as a regular or a co-op student.

If you wish to pursue a General degree, you have the option of a Three-Year General degree in English Language and Literature or a Four-Year General degree in either of the three majors listed above. In addition, you can pursue an English Minor.


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