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Diploma in Spanish/English Translation
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Students enrolled in any non- or post-degree academic plan may pursue the Diploma in Spanish/English Translation. This diploma may be of particular interest to students wishing to develop strong language and translation skills in Spanish. It provides an opportunity to examine a variety of linguistic and stylistic issues directly relevant to understanding culture, civilization, business, and industry. Students will be introduced to current issues of translation (business, technical, literary), while acquiring important research skills. Students will also be introduced to technological resources used today in translation and will consider various new avenues, such as software localization, where specific translation skills are in demand. Entry to the diploma requires the approval of the Director of the translation academic plan.

This diploma is especially suitable for those seeking careers in businesses operating in Spanish speaking countries, in government and development bodies, in church-based agencies, or in other organizations active in the Hispanic world.

Courses offered by the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies deal with both the Spanish language and civilizations. Civilization courses are taught in English.


The Diploma in Spanish/English Translation requires:

  1. Successful completion of four academic course units (eight courses) with a cumulative minimum average of 70%, including:
  2. Successful completion of a final examination in Spanish/English translation.


  1. The final examination will be administered after successful completion of all required courses. The required passing grade is 70%.
  2. Some of the courses are offered in alternate years or may be taken in sequence. A minimum of two academic years are required to complete any of the translation academic plans.
  3. Students enrolled in any of the translation academic plans may choose to spend one semester in a School of Translation in a university in Spain or Latin America.
  4. Post-degree students with a BA in Spanish or a Spanish Minor may count up to half of the required courses from the previous degree toward the completion of the selected academic plan in Translation.


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