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Arts Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts

Degree Requirements
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Eligibility for the degree of Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts requires:

  1. Successful completion of 20 academic course units with an overall cumulative average of 60%. 
  2. Successful completion of the following courses with a cumulative average of 70%:
  3. Successful completion of CS 105, CS 106CS 330
  4. Successful completion of two second language courses (see Note 1)


  1. The second language course must be chosen from any of the following participating subjects: CHINA, CROAT, DUTCH, FR, GER, GRK, ITAL, JAPAN, KOREA, LAT, PORT, RUSS, SI, and SPAN. Taking two courses in the same language is recommended.
  2. During Years One and Two of the Global Business and Digital Arts program, students will take courses at the University of Waterloo campus except for one day a week. On that day, students will take courses at the Stratford campus. For Years Three and Four, courses are offered at the Stratford campus.
  3. The program includes a paid internship scheduled for the spring term following the completion of Year Three. A completed Internship milestone on a student's academic record will indicate successful completion of this requirement.
  4. Students are encouraged to participate in a term abroad experience in either the 3B (GBDA 365) or 4A (GBDA 465) term. Discussion and approval of options and course selection must be made with the Global Business and Digital Arts advisor.
  5. All project (PRJ) designed courses are team-based and will include the creation of an e-portfolio.


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