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Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management

Degree Requirements
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Eligibility for the degree of Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management (Co-op) requires:

  1. Successful completion of 20 academic course units (40 courses) with an overall cumulative average of at least 60%. A minimum cumulative average of 70% is required in all of the courses identified in section (2) below, and all Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) electives.
  2. Successful completion of the following 27 courses:    


  1. Students interested in qualifying as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) are required by the governing professional body to demonstrate a specific set of competencies. A list of competencies is available from the School of Accounting and Finance and on the AFM website
  2. Guidance on recommended courses for students interested in specific streams within finance, or in preparing for the chartered Financial Analyst examinations, is available on the AFM website.
  3. In lieu of "one of AFM 333, AFM 434, AFM 478ECON 231, PSCI 281", an alternate course may count towards this requirement provided the desired course has substantial international content. In this case, however, students must have the prior written approval of the Undergraduate Officer. 
  4. Students wishing to take AFM 272 and AFM 372 should take MATH 135/MATH 136 and MATH 137/MATH 138 in lieu of MATH 109, and STAT 230/STAT 231 in lieu of STAT 211. Please consult the Undergraduate Officer for assistance before proceeding.
  5. Students who have attempted, to the satisfaction of the School of Accounting and Finance, Co-operative Education and Career Action (CECA), and the Faculty of Arts Examinations and Standings (E&S) Committee, to gain employment for all four available work terms, but are successful in so doing for only three work terms, will be considered for a co-op degree, provided they have received credit for all three of their work terms and all four of their work-term reflections, and they have successfully completed all academic graduation requirements.
  6. Students who meet all the academic graduation requirements for this plan, but who do not meet the minimum requirements for a co-op degree (see preceding Note 5) may, in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the School of Accounting and Finance and the Faculty of Arts Examination and Standings (E&S) Committee, be awarded a Regular Honours Accounting and Financial Management degree.
  7. The Management Studies Minor or Diploma is not available to students currently enrolled in Accounting and Financial Management.

A schedule outlining the recommended term-by-term sequence of courses is available on the School of Accounting and Finance AFM website.


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