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Rehabilitation Sciences Minor
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The Rehabilitation Sciences Minor is open to University of Waterloo students who wish to obtain some specialization in rehabilitation sciences.

The Honours Kinesiology program is well suited to prepare students for future study/practice in a wide variety of health professions (e.g. physical therapy, chiropractics, occupational therapy, athletic therapy, clinical kinesiology). Although the kinesiology core includes several rehabilitation science courses, the Rehabilitation Sciences Minor is designed to provide additional elective courses in rehabilitation sciences to prepare students for success in post degree study/practice in the health professions.

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must be in an honours or three- or four-year general program at the University of Waterloo.
  2. Normally, a maximum of 2.5 units (5 courses) obtained on a Letter of Permission or in transfer credit may be applied toward fulfillment of the Rehabilitation Sciences Minor course requirements. These courses must be equivalent to courses listed in the course requirements (including any prerequisites) as assessed by the department offering the replaced course.
  3. Successful completion of 5.0 units from the requirements listed below.


* KIN 431, KIN 432, KIN 433, KIN 472 must be on a rehabilitation sciences topic and approved in advance by the course supervisor and associate chair, undergraduate studies.

Successful completion of 5.0 units from the following requirements:

  1. Required courses
    KIN 340
    KIN 407
    KIN 414
    KIN 415
    KIN 422
  2. Electives (2.5 units)
    Select five courses from the following list:
    KIN 242
    KIN 301
    KIN 356
    KIN 357
    KIN 404
    KIN 405
    KIN 416
    KIN 418
    KIN 427
    KIN 428
    KIN 429
    KIN 431*
    KIN 432*
    KIN 433* or KIN 472*
    KIN 446
    KIN 456
    KIN 457
    KIN 458
    KIN 491
    KIN 492A and KIN 492B
    ENGL 109 or ENGL 140R or any one of ENGL 210E, ENGL 210F, ENGL 210H
    HLTH 421


Admission requirements vary greatly among professional schools (e.g., physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy etc.). It is therefore imperative that students consult professional schools directly when choosing courses.


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