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School of Public Health and Health Systems

Honours Health Studies

Pre-Clinical Specialization
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This program combines the Honours Bachelor of Science, Health Studies degree requirements with a specified grouping of elective courses from health studies, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, and kinesiology.

This specialization is intended to provide suitable preparation for entry into clinical health professional schools such as medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, etc. or to advanced graduate training in biohealth. However, students must consult the admission requirements of specific professional schools when choosing from the electives.

Admission to the specialization requires at least good standing with a minimum cumulative average of 75% and a minimum major average of 75%. Students may declare only one specialization.

In order to graduate with this specialization, the following requirements must be met:
  1. A cumulative overall average of 75% and cumulative major average of 75%.
  2. Specialization declared by the beginning of 3A term.
  3. Successful completion of 21.0 units, including all requirements of the Honours Bachelor of Science, Health Studies Degree.
  4. Successful completion of 1.5 units from the following list:
  5. Successful completion of 3.5 total units from the following list:
    BIOL 211, BIOL 240, BIOL 241, BIOL 302, BIOL 303, BIOL 308, BIOL 309, BIOL 331, BIOL 341, BIOL 354, BIOL 355, BIOL 373, BIOL 441, BIOL 442, BIOL 444, BIOL 455
    CHEM 123/CHEM 123L, CHEM 266/CHEM 266L, CHEM 267/CHEM 267L
    KIN 100, KIN 100L, KIN 121, KIN 202, KIN 221, KIN 242, KIN 301, KIN 340, KIN 341, HLTH 407/KIN 407, KIN 404
    MATH 127, MATH 128
    PHYS 111/PHYS 111L, PHYS 112/PHYS 112L


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