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Minor in Medical Physiology
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The Minor in Medical Physiology is a joint minor between the Departments of Biology and Kinesiology. The Departments of Biology and Kinesiology have complementary strengths within medical sciences fields. The Minor in Medical Physiology is designed to provide additional elective courses to prepare University of Waterloo students for health professional school and/or other biomedical graduate programs/careers.

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must be in an honours or three- or four-year general program at the University of Waterloo.
  2. Normally, a maximum of 2.5 units (5 courses) obtained on a Letter of Permission or in transfer credit from another institution may be applied toward fulfilment of the Minor in Medical Physiology course requirements. These courses must be equivalent to courses listed in the course requirements as assessed and approved by the department.
  3. Successful completion of 5.0 units, with an overall average of 60%, from the requirements listed below:
Required Courses (2.5 units):
BIOL 239
BIOL 373
KIN 406
KIN 408
PHIL 226 or PHIL 319J

Elective Courses (2.5 units):

Select 1.0 unit from:
KIN 301
KIN 310
KIN 402
KIN 404
KIN 407
KIN 416
KIN 429

Select 1.0 unit from:
BIOL 240
BIOL 341
BIOL 355
BIOL 376
BIOL 444
BIOL 473

Select 0.5 unit from:


  1. Students in the Minor in Medical Physiology are expected to have already taken BIOL 130, BIOL 273 and PSYCH 101, which are prerequisites for one or more of the listed required courses.
  2. It is recommended that students who are interested in entering a health profession should take additional physical sciences courses (e.g. CHEM 120, CHEM 123, CHEM 266, CHEM 267, PHYS 111, PHYS 112), which would be beneficial for preparation to write standardized admission examinations (e.g. MCAT, OAT, etc.).
  3. Admission requirements vary greatly among professional schools. It is therefore imperative that students consult schools directly when choosing courses to satisfy admissions requirements.


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