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Health Informatics Option
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Health informatics is a rapidly expanding area of expertise relevant to all aspects of health. Evidence-based decision-making, fundamental to effective health policy and planning, is dependent upon collection and analysis of new data as well as the analysis of existing data, and this, in turn, is increasingly dependent upon information technology.

The Health Informatics Option is designed for School of Public Health and Health Systems students who are interested in the application of information technology to all aspects of applied health research and practice, including clinical practice, health promotion and disease prevention, delivery of health services, and health policy development. This option offers students interdisciplinary training in basic computer science and information management in addition to their training in health sciences. Admission and graduation requirements are listed below:

  1. Normally, students who intend to have the Health Informatics Option recognized on their transcript must communicate that intention to the School of Public Health and Health Systems associate director, undergraduate studies, prior to the start of Year Three by completing a Plan Modification or Internal/Faculty Transfer Application form.
  2. Successful completion of 20.0 units, including the requirements for the Honours Health Studies degree.
  3. Students are required to complete 3.5 units from the following health informatics clusters:
  4. The cumulative averages required are the same as for Honours Health Studies. Refer to the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Academic Standing.


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