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Numeric grades in the range 0-100 are assigned in most of the courses in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. The minimum passing mark in all courses is 50%. Certain Applied Health Sciences' courses may be graded as Credit granted (CR) or No credit granted, failure recorded (NCR) basis.

If a student does not write a final examination and does not give a properly documented reason (e.g., illness), the instructor will either submit a grade of Did not write examination, no credit granted (DNW) which is counted as a grade of 32% in the calculation of averages, or submit a numerical grade based on the term work, with a grade of zero for the final examination.

All grades awarded to a student are recorded on their University of Waterloo official transcript. Students may view their official grades and standing on Quest after final grades have been posted.

  • If a student fails a course, then repeats the course and passes it, both courses are shown on the official transcript and both grades are counted in the cumulative overall and/or major average.
  • This same rule holds for a student who repeats a passed course, however, the student will not receive a second academic credit for that repeated course. 

Further information is outlined in the Grading System in this Calendar.


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