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Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

General Recreation and Leisure Studies
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The Four-Year General Recreation and Leisure Studies degree is offered through the regular system of study only.

  1. Recreation and Applied Health Sciences courses (minimum of 10.0 units):

    • Required recreation courses (5.5 units): REC 100, REC 101, REC 105REC 120, REC 201REC 270, REC 356, REC 371, REC 373, REC 405, REC 420
    • Recreation elective courses (minimum of 4.5 units):
      Each student must complete additional recreation electives to meet the required minimum of 10.0 recreation units.

      • Note that MU353 Inclusive Arts for Children (1.0 unit) (see Laurier calendar) is accepted as a University of Waterloo recreation elective.
      • All cross-listed courses with REC are counted as recreation electives and are included in the major average.

  2. Courses outside the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies (maximum of 10.0 units):

    • Required courses (1.5 units):
      AHS 107
      PSYCH 101
      SOC 101
    • Restricted elective courses (2.0 units):
      Students must complete a total of four courses from the following 12 subject categories. To fulfil this requirement, students may only choose one course per subject category.

      • An English course: ENGL
        An English writing course: (one of ENGL 109, ENGL 129R, ENGL 140R) is strongly recommended.
      • A fine or performing arts course: DRAMA, FINE, MUSIC
      • A humanities course: CLAS, HIST, HUMSC, MEDVL, NATST, PHIL, RS, SPCOM, VCULT 
      • A social science course other than psychology or sociology: ANTH, ECON, LS, PACS, PSCI, SDS, SMF, SOCWK, STV, WS
      • A psychology course: PSYCH (other than PSYCH 101/PSYCH 101R)
      • A sociology course: SOC (other than SOC 101/SOC 101R)
      • A language course from the Faculty of Arts (other than English or EMLS)
      • A course from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (other than REC): AHS, GERON, HLTH, KIN
      • A course from the Faculty of Environment: ENBUS, ENVS, ERS, GEOG, INDEV, INTEG, PLAN
      • A course offered by the School of Computer Science: CS
      • A course offered by the Faculty of Mathematics: ACTSC, AMATH, CO, COMM, MATBUS, MATH, MTHEL, PMATH, STAT
      • A course offered by the Faculty of Science: BIOL, CHEM, EARTH, MNS, PHYS, SCI
      Note: The course subjects listed may not be comprehensive. For a complete list, or approval of a specific course subject, please see an academic advisor or the department website.

    • Free elective courses: 6.5 units

  3. Total number of units to complete degree is 20.0.

Course Sequence

See Honours Recreation and Leisure Studies course sequence.


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