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Foundation Term
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Any student in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences who has earned a Failed – Required to Withdraw standing will be required to meet with an academic advisor to discuss their academic progress and the option of enrolling in the Foundation Term. The Foundation Term requires that a student be enrolled in a reduced course load including UNIV 101. These courses will be selected in consultation with their academic advisor. A contract outlining the details of the Foundation Term must be signed by the student and submitted to their academic advisor by a date specified by the academic advisor otherwise enrolment will be cancelled.

Students committing to the Foundation Term:

  1. Will remain in their existing plan (e.g., Health Studies) but will be permanently moved to a regular program if they are currently in co-op.
  2. Will have their Failed - Required to Withdraw standing changed to Conditional - May Proceed Subject to Stipulated Conditions

Completion of the Foundation Term:

  1. If all conditions are met at the end of the Foundation Term students will remain in their honours regular plan (e.g., Health Studies) and all courses from their first two academic terms that are below 60% may be cleared at the discretion of their academic advisor.
  2. Students who fail to meet the minimum conditions outlined in the faculty's Foundation Term contract will be Failed - Required to Withdraw. These students will be eligible for one non-degree term (see Non-degree Term) to try to facilitate readmission to another Faculty of Applied Health Sciences' academic unit or another program at the University of Waterloo. Students are required to meet with the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences' Student Success Officer to arrange enrolment in that term.
  3. Students who fail to earn 60% in UNIV 101 will have exhausted all options for academic remediation at the University of Waterloo. These students will be Failed - Required to Withdraw from the University.


Students need to contact Student Awards & Financial Aid to ensure they understand the implications that a reduced course load has on their financial aid or scholarships.


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