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Overview of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
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It has been predicted that some of tomorrow's best career opportunities will be in the sectors of public health and disease prevention, rehabilitation, ergonomics, gerontology, and leisure. The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences' School of Public Health and Health Systems, and the Departments of Kinesiology, and Recreation and Leisure Studies, offer academic plans that provide the skills and expertise to prepare students for such opportunities.

The governing theme of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences is the development and application of knowledge related to health and well-being. The Faculty, through its education, research, and services, aims to: 1) prevent illness and injury, 2) promote health and well-being, 3) optimize physical abilities, and 4) contribute to an improved quality of life. Courses in the Faculty explore these objectives as they pertain to people with and without disabilities, throughout the life span, both at work and at leisure.

Health Studies, a human science area of study, examines the relationship between lifestyle and health, and the importance of disease prevention. Public Health, a social science area of study, is concerned with determinants of health, particularly how social, cultural, political, economic, and geographical factors impact individual and population health. Gerontology is a multi-disciplinary field that explores the aging process and issues affecting older adults. Kinesiology utilizes scientific study to investigate the mechanisms and principles of human movement and movement-related conditions to optimize health and prevent illness and injury. Recreation and Leisure Studies combines the study of recreation and leisure with a strong management focus, providing students with the skills to develop, manage, market, and administer recreation activities, facilities, and businesses. Options, specializations, and minors are available within each of the Faculty's areas of study.

The School of Public Health and Health Systems, and the Departments of Kinesiology, and Recreation and Leisure Studies each offer both the regular system of study and the co-operative (co-op) system of study. Regardless of their system of study, students have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to a variety of situations through labs, clinical courses, research, senior seminars, and volunteer opportunities.


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